Real Estate Acquisition

Kingdom Property Investment Ltd has developed a heavily experienced real estate acquisition team. For each opportunity, we process it follow the certain steps: economic analysis, environmental investigation, confirm zoning and city plan, market analysis, evaluating property value and developing capital budgets

Project Development

As a local premier developer, we select our development projects with a mixture of local real estate knowledge, risk analysis, and responsiveness to market. We devote ourselves to generating distinctive, high-quality, and up-to-date masterplan communities

Project Management

We also provide a complete Project Management service. Our specialized management team fully understands, for both investors and customers, delivering projects on time and on budget is important. Therefore, we develop professional management systems and procedures in order to guarantee all aspects of project are well-organized and controlled

Great Community Builder

We are a local premier developer focusing on creating diverse masterplan local communities. With   20   years of experience in advanced comprehensive real estate industry, we have established strong local acquisition knowledge and global connection. Working with our business partners, we have developed 375,000 sqft land in Metro Vancouver area which are worth over CAD $112 million. We believe our professionalism, passion and global vision can provide our customers refined and high-quality standard homes.